What is Tribulus Terrestris?

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Tribulus Terrestris PlantTribulus is a plant that creates fruit which is covered with spines. It is most commonly known as a puncture vine because the spines are way too sharp to flatten the bicycle tires. People have been making use of the fruit, leaf as well as roots since ancient days in the form of medication. This herb has the medicinal property that helps to cure kidney problem such as kidney stones, painful urination, a specific kidney disorder called Bright’s disease and also made use of as a water pill to promote the urination process. With regards to skin disorders, Tribulus Terrestris is made use for curing eczema, psoriasis, and scabies.

But one of the vital uses of this herb is to help men tackle the issue of erectile dysfunction. Tribulus Terrestris has the property to involuntarily release the semen with orgasm (spermatorrhea) and also helps to increase the sexual appetite. It boosts the libido levels due to which you get frequent urges to have sex.

This herb has been put through immense research and used in supplements to help men overcome erectile dysfunctions. As per recent studies, it has been proved that the total amount of protodioscin increased results to a number of sex hormones present in the human body. Studies have further proved and analyzed the value of Tribulus Terrestris by enhancing the activity and strength as many of the body builders make use of the supplement containing this herb as an ingredient.

Tribulus Terrestris Uses

Uses Of Tribulus Terrestris:

This plant is commonly known as the puncture vine as it produces fruits with sharp spines on it. When made use of this as an ingredient in the dietary supplement, it helps to enhance the production of testosterone in the body. This automatically has a positive effect on the energy levels, stamina, endurance, strength and sex drive. This is an in-demand ingredient in the male body building industry as it helps body builders and athletes achieve their goals by enhancing their strength and muscle mass. With regards to the traditional Chinese and Indian medication, the extract of this herb was made to mix in tonic and consumed as it contained aphrodisiac property. It also was used as a remedy for liver, kidneys, urinary tract and cardiovascular medication.

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